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Inlight Rosemary & Hypericum Recovery Balm

325 kr

100% organic, 45 ml 

 Soil Association (Minst 95% av de naturliga ingredienserna är ekologiskt framställda, läs mer)
 European V-Label (Produkten är vegetarian vänlig, läs mer)
 Cruelty Free (Produkten har inte testats på djur, läs mer)

All our products are FREE from SLS, Parabens, Phthalate, Alcohol, Palm oil and other nasties.

For aching, tense, strained muscles and joints

Dynamic, 100% organic botanical balm for aching joints and tense, strained muscles. The calming properties of St John’s Worth (hypericum), Meadow-sweet and Liquorice with stimulating Rosemary, Cinnamon and Thyme are the perfect bio-active phytonutrients to support natural recovery from over-exertion and weariness of muscles and joints.

Star ingredients: rosemary, hypericum, ginger.

Skin type: for all skin types.

How to use
Massage frequently in circular motions on tense, aching joints and muscles. Effective before and after any sport.

This balm can be particularly effective when applied in a greater quantity before bed, wrapping the appropriate area in cling film and a protective bandage for optimum absorption overnight whilst muscles are resting.

As with all oil-based Inlight products, this product is highly concentrated and a little does go a long way. Any excess may be gently removed with organic cotton wool, and it is preferable to avoid immediate contact with clothing after application, as some ingredients in the product may cause staining.

Quickly absorbed into the skin, Rosemary & Hypericum balm offers pure, natural recovery for over-exertion and weariness of muscles and joints.

Oil-based formula means a high concentration of active ingredients and a little is all you need for effective results.

This product has been formulated with sensitive skins in mind, and with its unique, 100% organic, synthetic-free formula, is safe to use on skins of all ages. If in any doubt as to sensitivity, particularly to one of the ingredients, we recommend conducting a patch test for 24 hours on an area of healthy skin before applying to the appropriate area.

Key benefits:
-relief from soreness and over-exertion
-soothing for joints and muscles

Key features:
-formulated by skin expert Dr Mariano Spiezia
-oil-based, water-free formulas
-high concentration of phytonutrients
-all bio-active plant extracts produced in-house
-100% organic, free from synthetics and chemical fragrances

Shelf-life of 28 months
Certified organic by Soil Association and Cosmos
Cruelty Free International
We recommend storing in a cool, dry, dark place
Vegetarian friendly

100% organic oils:
Olive oil – olea europaea – emollient, nourishing, antioxidant
Sunflower oil – helianthus annuus – moisturising, antioxidant
Castor oil – ricinus communis – emollient, soothing
Coconut oil – cocos nucifera – moisturising, emollient, nourishing
Evening primrose oil – oenothera biennis – antioxidant, regenerating, moisturising
100% organic plant extracts all produced in-house:
Liquorice – glycyrrhiza glabra – anti-inflammatory, emollient, cicatrisant
St. John’s Wort – hypericum perforatum – calming
Rosemary – rosmarinus officinalis – stimulant, antioxidant, anti-rheumatic
Meadowsweet – spiraea ulmaria – soothing, anti-rheumatic
Ginger – zingiber officinale – stimulant,  improves blood circulation
Liquorice – glycyrrhiza glabra – anti-inflammatory, emollient, cicatrisant
Thymus vulgaris – thyme extract – anti-rheumatic, stimulant
Cinnamon – cinnamomum zeylanicum – stimulant, anti-rheumatic
Turmeric – curcuma longa – calming

Beeswax – cera alba - protective, emollient
100% organic essential oils:
Frankincense– boswellia spp – anti-inflammatory
Rosemary– rosmarinus officinalis – anti-rheumatic, analgesic, antioxidant
Ginger– zingiber officinale – analgesic, rubefacient, stimulant
Lavender – lavandula angustifolia – soothing, antibacterial, vulnerary
Natural constituent of essential oils, so called allergens: Limonene, linalool, citral, geraniol.

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